Houston Sprinkler Systems | Winterizing

Houston Sprinkler Systems | Winterizing

Winterizing Sprinkler Systems

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To help protect your sprinkler system from damage during freezing weather, you must wrap the Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB). It is the only water-holding part of the system above ground, and it is usually located in the front beds or on one side of the house in the back yard. To winterize your system, simply follow these steps:

Wrap complete brass unit with insulated tape or armorflex sleeve and duct tape -being careful not to cover up air inlet "Bonnet" (F) or test cocks (G). Also insulate bare PVC or metal pipe going into this valve.

For Severe Freezes Lasting More than 24 Hours:
Close valve handle C, (turn clockwise), then turn on any yard zone via the control for a moment to relieve the line pressure. Slowly open valve handle (C) to recharge main to operate system again following the freeze.

For Continuous Freezing Temperatures Lasting 48+ Hours:
Close manual valve in green box in ground at street curb (by city meter) (A), reopen PVB valve (C&D), turn on any yard zone via controller - this empties most water in line.

Note: If you want to leave system off for several weeks and avoid having to do this process each time it is expected to freeze, you can follow directions #2 above, after activating controller go to PVB and open valve handles to a "Half Closed" (45 degree) position. Also open test cocks (G) to 45 degree position; you may need a screw driver to open and visually check for 45 degree position.


When finished, make sure main shut off valve (A) remains closed to prevent accidental refilling of the system. Also, the main shut-off valve (A) should be resilient seated to prevent seepage of water into the system.

To recharge the main, close all valves on PVB (C, D, G. F). Open manual valve in green box in ground at street curb (by city meter) (A). Slowly, re-open valves "C&D" to fill main line, system is ready to operate.

This process is relatively simple to do and it is recommended to water plants prior to a freeze to help insulate plant cells. The routine before a freeze would be to activate system manually for two to three minutes per zone then shut system down and go through winterizing procedure.

Wrapping and/or draining the PVB does not guarantee that the system will not sustain freeze damage; however, for our climate, it will adequately protect the system in most cases.

Remember to call us for your annual (required) inspection of your PVB. This inspection insures that the PVB is operating correctly at the time of inspection. Typical charge for this inspection is $125.

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