Houston Sprinkler Company | Points To Remember

Houston Sprinkler Company | Points To Remember

Before And During Sprinkler Installation

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  1. Take pictures of open trenches (excellent to refer back to when planting a new tree or beginning new construction). Also, it is considerate when selling a house to pass on a file including irrigation information to the new homeowner.
  2. Is contractor considering..
    • Sprinkler Operating Pressure (too high or low pressure causes poor water distribution)
    • City's Static Pressure (high or low pressure determines size of main & zone flow rates)
    • Special Heads for slopes in your yard (eliminates low head leakage)
    • Head Spacing (demand proper spacing for even water distribution)
    • Wind Considerations (space heads closer together, if constant wind exists)
    • Water Conservation Devices, (rain sensor, pressure regulated pop up sprays)
    • Flow Control Valves (for small zones; Cuts pressure back & helps minimize misting)
    • Master Valves (extends life of yard valves)
    • Demand that flowerbeds and lawn areas be put on separate valves.
    • Demand flex pipe on all spray heads - makes future adjustments easier and reduces repair costs.
  3. Is your yard large enough to consider a second meter (in some cities you can save money on dedicated irrigation meters.) Check with your city.
  4. Do check references!!
  5. Run extra wires for future valves or repairs.
  6. Don't just accept the lowest bid - all sprinkler contractors and systems are not created equally.
  7. Do get an itemized professional-looking bid.
  8. Do know your meter size - your contractor should (a meter size determines how much water we can flow to each zone).
  9. Don't zone shady areas with sunny areas if you can help it.
  10. Do ask the contractor to show you approximately where the zones are going to be in your yard.
  11. More valves, "zones" are better. You will have more control over your yard. Do not worry if you have 9 valves instead of 6. If you can program 6, you can program 9. These additional valves do not increase your cost significantly.

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