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Flagstone - Patios and Walkways

Flagstone Patios are set in mortar on 4" of new concrete base with #3 rebar 16" on center, owner to choose grout color from our samples. Occasionally, more natural settings require Flagstone Patios to be set on a stabilized sand base. The joints are swept with crushed granite to provide a warm natural feeling. We can also overlay existing concrete slabs with flagstone, as long as existing slab is in good condition. Also we can use existing slab and extend the slab to a new slope by adding more rebar and concrete to conform to a new design. Extending your existing slab will save you money by removing the cost on concrete and labor. We are simply overlaying the existing concrete slab (A lower cost per square foot) and then charging a different rate fot the extension (Excavate and Pour new concrete rate is a higher cost per square foot).

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Brick Pavers - Patios and Walkways

The Pavers are set on a concrete with the #3 rebar 16" on centers. The outer course is set in concrete. Once the Pavers are laid, the joints are swept with sand, which gives you expansion joints around each individual Paver for a flexible surface free of cracks. These Pavers come in a variety of colors and shapes perfect for pool areas, driveways, patios, sidewalks, garden paths, etc.

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