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Flagstone Barbeques are built with entertaining in mind.

Flagstone is one of several products we use to cover our custom "Made in Place" outdoor BBQ kitchens. We frame the shape of kitchen "shell" with concrete cinder blocks that will not shift or rot. This frame can then be faced with flagstone, brick, slate, or stucco. This type of construction is fading in the industry do the the skill it requires to build various surface prep areas, bar tables etc. Most contractors are building their frames out of metal tubing and hardy plank board or cement board. Also becoming more popular are prefab modular sections that can be connected together out in the field which can limit the design. With cinder blocks, the designs are limitless and you get a structurally sound BBQ system that will last for many years. These BBQ kitchens can be customized to your specifications with different features including:

  • Preparation areas with electrical outlets
  • Sink
  • Refrigerator
  • Plate Warmer Drawer / Food Warmer
  • Side Burners For Sauces And Side Dishes
  • Pull out Drawers
  • Storage areas in base of island / Trash Bin / Paper Towel Holders
  • Drop in style igloos
  • Built in lighting
  • Drop-in Style Gas Grills W/Rotisseries
  • Slow Smoking Wood BBQ Pits
  • Wood Burning Pizza Ovens
  • High BTU Crawfish Burners for Boiling Large Amounts of Water Rapidly and Accommodating Large Pots.

All Barbeques below reflect customers request in features.

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