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We install various sizes of pipe (4", 6", 8"), based on the amount of water that needs to be moved out. Also city codes require certain sizes or pipe. The most common size is 4" PVC SDR (Sewer and Drain Pipe). Please be aware that the flexible black pipe that many continue to use is not approved by the City of Houston for drainage! This pipe is cheap, will collect silt, and moves when the ground shifts or roots grow under it. This will slow your flow of water out to the street, and potentially cause water to infiltrate areas you are trying to drain! (Not Good!)

4" SDR PVC drain systems are installed to alleviate small ponds in your yard or to move rainwater from gutter downspouts out to the street. Some locations require the usage of a 6" system.

We use solid 4" SDR PVC (sewer drainpipe). This is a heavy-walled pipe with a clean smooth inside to aid in the flow of water and small debris.

Typically, homes have poor drainage on the sides of the house or a nagging low spot that continually holds water. To alleviate this, we will locate the lowest section in the troubled area with a sight level and this is where we will install a 6", 9", or 12" poly catch basin that catches the water. From there we dig a trench to the front yard and lay PVC pipe to the street where the water can easily flow out and away. We continuously check the pipe angle with the sight level to assure that we keep the pipe and water flowing toward the street. Usually every drain system will incorporate existing gutter downspouts into the drain. This helps create a vacuum for upstream catch basins as well as remove water.

For severe puddles, we use perforated 4" SDR PVC and backfill with 1" - 1 1/2" gravel, then cover with a soil separator fabric to keep the dirt out and finally pack existing dirt back on top.

This method allows water to absorb along the entire length of the pipe. Catch basins are also tied into this type of system allowing surface and sub-surface water to be evacuated and moved to the front street.

For lots that have street levels that are equal or higher than the low point in the yard, we install an automatic submersible sump pump within a catch basin and pump the water out to the street.

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One way or the other, we can get the water out!