Houston Sprinkler System Troubleshooting

Houston Sprinkler System Troubleshooting

Sprinkler System Basic Troubleshooting

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Sprinkler Troubleshooting

There are too many cause and effect scenarios to list for troubleshooting a broken controller or malfunctioning valve.

There are, however, a few basic items to check.

  1. First, read manual for troubleshooting tips!
  2. Second, make sure the controller (clock in garage) is plugged in and getting power.
  3. Third, check programs to make sure that they have start times in the "a.m." Also, check to be sure that valve & zone #'s have duration times programmed in them.

Did it rain last night? Verify that sprinkler operation is not being interrupted by a rain sensor (a device usually located on the outside of garage). You may have a switch that will bypass rain sensor. (Check your manual).

Then check to make sure plug is not shared with a refrigerator or compressor or any other large electric motor. The clock performs best if on a dedicated wall plug with little continuous demand items on that circuit, i.e. freezers, refrigerators, etc. Also avoid GFI circuits. These circuits are sensitive and can cut off if a controller is plugged into it.

If it is a programming problem or controller problem, unplug unit and back up battery for 5-10 minutes. Then plug back in and reinstall back-up battery. Program and manually activate a valve. If no valve operation occurs check valve wires that connect to controller, make sure connections are tight. Beyond these quick checks it is advisable to call out a professional to diagnose the system. Points to remember and to have ready for your technician:

  1. Diagram or pictures showing the general location of your yard valves and main line. (If not available, your technician should have a valve locator on his truck to locate the valves).
  2. Try to recall if you had any recent activity in the yard, i.e. new trees or shrubs planted, any heavy digging. This information is helpful to the technician in case there is a cut wire.
  3. Have the manual available for the technician.
  4. Know how old the system is (when it was installed).
  5. Make sure your water supply is on. Occasionally yard maintenance men will shut off the water supply to your system via the Pressure Vacuum Breaker (the ugly thing that sticks up out of the ground with duct tape & insulation wrapped around it). This is usually located on the side of the house or garage - the same side and in line with your water meter. There are two handles on this device and they should be pointed in the same direction as the pipe, i.e.: Parallel handles = on You may also want to check the main cut off (ball valve) by the meter at the street (the valve is usually in a small 6" valve box with a green lid). Sometimes children or maintenance men will cut the water off at this point.
  6. Provide any past repair history along with a cool glass of water!

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