Houston Sprinklers | Frequently Asked Questions

Houston Sprinklers | Frequently Asked Questions

Sprinkler Frequently Asked Questions

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Once my sprinkler system is installed, will l have to adjust the spray heads?

Yes, we recommend annual adjustments to accommodate for new plant growth. Natural shifting of soil will sometimes shift spray heads and will need straightening.

Will my water bill go up?

Yes. If you haven't been watering regularly with a hose, you will notice a slight increase in your water bill due to regular consistent watering.

Will I need to change my programs or adjust the duration of water times?

Yes! Spring, summer, fall - All seasons require different amounts of water. Refer to watering schedule. Watering times will need to be adjusted up or down depending on the plant's water needs. Please get comfortable with the controller and the program features.

Will I have to have my vacuum breaker inspected annually?


Yes, you want to make sure this device is working properly to protect your water supply and the city's water supply. This device is required in most cities and will require annual inspections to insure that it is functioning properly and satisfies city codes. On new installations we will do the initial inspection. All city annual required inspections after that will need to be contracted with other certified and city approved inspectors. Call the city you live in and they will provide you with a list of contractors.

At this time we are not set up to provide this annual inspection, unless we happen to be working at your house at the time a renewal inspection is needed. This cost is approximately $125.00 and we will open up the vacuum breaker device and service or replace worn out parts, then hook up gauges to the device to insure it is properly working at the time of inspection.

This device prevents raw "non-potable" water from the sprinkler system from back siphoning into the home service line or the city's main water line that supplies water to all homes in your neighborhood.

Back siphonage can occur if there is a break in the city main or if a fire hydrant is opened and causes the pressure in the city main to drop, this can cause a phenomenon known as back siphoning (like sucking water through a straw). Water will be drawn from your house lines, sprinkler lines. and back into the city main.

Also, all outside faucets should have small anti-siphon devices screwed onto the end of the faucet before a hose is connected. This anti siphon device is also required by most cities now. So check all outside faucets and make sure you have one of these devices installed on each one.

These devices could prevent you and your loved ones from accidently becomming sick or poisoned by the "silent" back siphonage phenomenon!!!

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