Houston Sprinkler Options

Houston Sprinkler Options

Excellent Options To Consider
Before Your Sprinkler System Is Installed

Texas Licensed Irrigator #4846

  1. Upgrade your Controller from 6 zones to 9 zones or from 9 to 12 zones, etc. This will allow for future growth, i.e. the addition of a drip irrigation valve for a garden area or architectural planters.
  2. Drip Irrigation Valve (3/4"), wye strainer, pressure regulator, 18" valve box, tubing, and drip emitters.
  3. Pressure Compensating Pop-up Sprays 1800 PRS series "Rainbird" - conserves water.
    • These Pop-up heads keep a consistent 30 PSI at each head - optimal operating pressure. These heads will help pay for your system in water cost savings. The pressure in the city's main line will fluctuate up and down, i.e. 50-60 PSI, the higher the pressure the more GPM (gallons) per minute that will come out of a given nozzle. When sprays are regulated at 30 PSI, GPM is held in check depending on the type of nozzle, i.e., 15' half nozzle emits 1.85 GPM on the spray heads.
    • Also cuts water loss by up to 70% if nozzle is removed or damaged.
  4. Pop-up Spray Heads that incorporate a built-in check valve 1800 - SAM Series "Rainbird". This is an ideal head for use in areas with changing elevations. Reduces low head drainage, puddling. Traps water in pipes in elevation changes of up to 8'.
  5. "Rain Sensor" automatic cut-off device. This device interrupts (or stops) normal valve operation when activated by rain. When the rain sensor dries out, normal valve operation is restored. Great device to have when you are out of town or when it starts to rain at 3:00am and your system is programmed to turn on at 5:00am. You do not have to remember to turn the system off!
  6. Pop-up Sprays that combine the benefits of both the 1800 SAM & 1800 PRS Pop-ups. Pressure & changing elevations are handled by one-head 1800 - SAM - PRS "Rainbird".
  7. Adding a Master Valve - a valve that is mounted just before the pressure vacuum breaker. Adding a Master Valve holds the pressure off all the other yard valves when the system is not in use. This extends the life of the other valves by not being under constant pressure. The Master Valve is wired to the controller. (This does not use up available valve slots). It has a dedicated location. When a Master Valve is wired to your system the controller sends a signal to the master valve circuit first, then to the yard valve second. This process allows the master valve to release water (or pressurize) the main line for the programmed amount of time. The Master Valve also acts as a safety valve in the event one of the yard valves fails to close. (When the program is complete, the master valve cuts off the supply of water until the next programmed start time).
  8. Copper Risers - "Cosmetic" copper color vs. gray PVC.
  9. Flow Control Valves allow you to regulate the pressure at a certain zone (small zone) to minimize misting.
  10. Brass Nozzles - longer lived, more precise water delivery.
  11. Variable Arc Nozzles (Van Series "Rainbird"). Adjust arc of spray from 15° to 330°. No tools required. To adjust, just twist the collar with fingers.
  12. Additional valve for a fountain or pond - program your clock to automatically fill an existing fountain or pond.
  13. Hose Bib or Faucet - (install off of main line) - an additional hose bib or faucet where you may be lacking a water source.
  14. Injection Fertilizer Feeder - liquid fertilize the entire yard or specific programmed areas while irrigating. For the homeowner who wants it all!
  15. Misting System - micro sprays for greenhouse or recreation areas. Create a specific cooling effect with these misting nozzles. They mount under overhead arbors and deliver a cooling fogging mist. Great for parties (visual effect) or for cooling a specific area outdoors!
  16. Flow Control Brass Valve at meter to control high city pressure. This device reduces pressure to all yard valves (zones) & house plumbing.

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